Powerful Features

Database Generation

Automated Database with AI

Leverage the power of AI for intelligent, automated database generation and optimization.

Connect to Existing Database

Seamlessly connect and integrate with existing databases in same infrastructure.

Database Designer Screen

A user-friendly interface to design and visualize your database schema effortlessly.

Flexible Database Server

Leverage the power of AI for intelligent, automated database generation and optimization.

Easy Access of Mysql Database

Connect your database through php my admin and view data

Bring your own script

You can prepare your own database script and generate the database.

API Generation

User Authentication & Authorization

Enhanced security with robust user authentication and dynamic role-based authorization.


Flexible access management using Role-Based and Attribute-Based Access Controls.

Reporting API

Generate detailed, insightful reports efficiently through specialized APIs.

Smart Business Logic Workflow

Intelligent workflows that adapt and streamline your business logic.

Transactional API

Reliable APIs ensuring atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability in transactions.

Logical & Sequential API

APIs designed for structured execution, ensuring logical and sequential processing.

Workflows Generation

Smart Low Code Workflows

Rapidly develop applications with minimal code using visual logic builders. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, choose from customizable templates, and optimize for mobile and web platforms. Deployment is a breeze.

Node-Red Based Workflow Designer

Craft workflows with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Easily integrate with external systems, debug in real-time, access a vast library of nodes and functions, and customize to meet specific needs. Deployment is seamless.

REST API Communication

Facilitate effortless communication between various REST APIs, ensuring data flow is smooth and efficient. Integration is made easy with built-in tools and extensive documentation.

3rd Party API Integration

Easily integrate third-party APIs such as Stripe, Zapier, and more. Enhance functionality, streamline processes, and leverage the power of external tools within your workflows.

Visual Workflow Mapping

Visualize your entire workflow with detailed mapping tools. Understand processes, pinpoint bottlenecks, and enhance efficiency with a clear overview of your logic paths.

Optimized Performance

Ensure your workflows run smoothly with optimized performance tools. Monitor, analyze, and refine processes to achieve peak efficiency in all your operations.

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UI/UX Generation

Smart Frontend Generation

Leverage dynamic UI generation algorithms tailored for modern web. Customizable designs adapt to business requirements, ensuring consistency across devices. Seamless integration with popular frontend libraries, optimized performance, and inherent responsiveness combine for a robust user experience.

Drag & Drop Designer

Experience an intuitive design interface that's easy for anyone to use. Visualize changes in real-time with instant UI/UX previews. Delve into deep customization options, utilize a vast library of pre-designed elements, and integrate custom components effortlessly for a truly unique design.

CRUD Operations

Easily manage data with both simple and intricate CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations. Providing flexibility in managing data and content has never been this seamless.

Multiple UI/UX Views

Offer a diverse range of UI/UX views to cater to different user preferences. From minimalist layouts to data-rich displays, the versatility ensures every user finds their ideal interface.

Input & Display Controls

Choose from a plethora of input and display controls for a comprehensive and interactive user interface. From simple buttons to intricate data visualizations, cater to every user's needs.

UI/UX Best Practices

Stay at the forefront of design with UI/UX best practices. Prioritize accessibility, ensure UI components are consistent across browsers, adopt UX patterns that enhance user engagement, and receive continuous updates to keep up with evolving trends.

Scale your apps

Upgrade Server Resources

Scale your resources effortlessly with just a few clicks. Benefit from dynamic allocation based on your needs, get optimized cost predictions, enjoy immediate availability post-upgrade, select from a wide range of server configurations, and have the flexibility to rollback whenever required.

Usage Warnings

Stay ahead with real-time monitoring of resource usage. Receive predictive alerts to avoid potential overages, access detailed resource consumption reports, integrate with various notification systems, set customizable warning thresholds, and receive timely alerts both on the portal and via email.

Upgrade CI/CD Resources

Elevate your Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment game. Enjoy faster build times, seamless deployments, enhanced testing capabilities, support for more parallel tasks, and a more robust infrastructure to handle complex CI/CD pipelines.

Upgrade Hosting Resources

Experience superior hosting capabilities. Enhance your website's speed, uptime, and security. Benefit from faster SSDs, better network capabilities, increased bandwidth, and top-tier data centers that ensure your applications always run smoothly.

Upgrade REST API Backend

Boost your API's performance and capabilities. Enjoy faster response times, handle more concurrent requests, integrate with more services, benefit from advanced caching solutions, and ensure your backend can scale with your user's demands.

Dedicated Resources

Leverage the power of dedicated resources tailored for your needs. Get exclusive server access, enhanced security, better performance consistency, and the flexibility to customize the environment as per your application's demands.

One Click Code Downlaod

One-Click Code Download

Download your entire project effortlessly with just a single click. The code is optimized for various deployment platforms, inclusive of all necessary configuration files. Benefit from detailed documentation, a clean and organized code structure, and maintain a clear track of versions with integrated version control and history.

Easy Code Purchase

Simplify your purchasing experience with straightforward licensing options. Make transactions with confidence through our secure payment gateways. Gain immediate access to your code post-purchase, use a wide range of payment methods, easily access detailed invoices and billing history, and efficiently manage your licenses.

Deployment Ready Code

Get code that's primed and optimized for deployment across various hosting platforms. The package comes with all the necessary deployment scripts, facilitates easy integration with popular CI/CD tools, supports containerization methods such as Docker, provides clear deployment guidelines, and is backed by community support and regular updates.

Secure and Compliant Code

Ensure peace of mind with code that adheres to industry best practices for security and compliance. Regularly audited, patched for vulnerabilities, and written to prevent common security pitfalls.

Dedicated Support & Updates

Never feel stuck with access to our dedicated support team. Receive regular code updates, benefit from a vast library of resources, and join a community of like-minded developers and enthusiasts.

Extensible & Modular Code

Build upon a foundation that encourages growth. The code is written in a modular fashion, making it easy to add new features, integrate third-party services, and customize according to evolving requirements.