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AI-Powered App Creation

Engage with our AI chatbot, which acts as a virtual BA, helping you pinpoint your exact requirements. Share your initial thoughts, and our AI will delve deeper, analyzing and eliciting more detailed requirements through an interactive chat session.

Crafting User Stories & Journeys

Based on the discussion, the AI will formulate user stories and map out user journeys, ensuring clarity in requirements.

Database Creation & Deployment

After confirming your requirements, our AI will autonomously design a database tailored to your needs and deploy it to the cloud.

Backend System Design

Our AI will pose questions related to your backend needs, subsequently generating and deploying the backend system. During this phase, the AI can help pinpoint specific backend requirements, such as reporting needs and specialized features like RBAC, ABAC, Soft delete, and various API types. It's also equipped to design intricate database queries.

Frontend Development

The AI will engage you in a discussion to understand your UI and UX preferences, subsequently generating an AI-driven user interface. Post-generation, utilize our drag-and-drop designer to tweak the design, add components, or introduce new reports. Redeploy with ease.

Advanced System Extensions

If you wish to integrate third-party APIs, establish interconnected apps, or design intricate business workflows, our visual workflow designer (based on node-red) is at your disposal. This tool, pre-integrated with your APIs, can also facilitate communication with IoT devices and systems.

White Labeling & Deployment

Should you wish to white-label your apps, consult with us for modifications. You can even download the code and employ a developer for deployment in your chosen environment. Our team is also available for on-premise deployment.

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